A Research Platform for Singapore


Yuan Zhou has received the B.Sc degree (Geographical Information System) from Wuhan University in China, 2010, and the M.Sc degree (Transportation System) from Technical University of Munich in Germany 2013. During study, Yuan has had short-term internship experience in AutoNavi (Location-based services provider) in China as well as Munich Transport and Tariff Association in Germany. After graduated from TUM, Yuan has worked for one year and three months as a traffic engineer in Shenzhen Urban Transport Planning and Design Institute in Shenzhen, China. In March 2015, he took up the position as a Research Associate in TUMCREATE. The field of study is macroscopic modelling of public transport in Singapore. After one year, he changed into Software Engineer, focusing more on the application and analysis of the model of public transport.


Yuan Zhou researches in public transport modelling and analysis. The main source for modelling is smart card data. Smart cards are commonly adopted for public transport users in Singapore. His work is mostly about designing the algorithm for processing and aggregating data and programming with the COM interface of VISUM to integrate the result into the model. What has been achieved in the model includes bus route reconstruction, timetable reconstruction, transfer behaviour modelling, and traffic demand aggregation. Based on the model, he is capable to analyse the traffic demand temporally and spatially, as well as the utilization of the bus system.