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TUMCREATE is the multidisciplinary research platform of the Technical University of Munich (TUM) at the Singapore Campus for Research Excellence and Technological Enterprise (CREATE). Together with partner universities, public institutions and companies, we are working to develop new forward-looking technologies in the fields of protein research, sustainability, medical diagnostics, mobility, or energy.

TUM as part of the CREATE campus

TUMCREATE was established in 2010 to facilitate research collaborations between Singapore and the Technical University of Munich (TUM). As part of the Campus for Research Excellence And Technological Enterprise (CREATE) funded by the National Research Foundation (NRF), TUM has the opportunity to access research funding from Singapore. We work closely with local institutions as well as with world-leading universities that are part of the CREATE campus, e.g. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Cambridge, Hebrew University of Jerusalem or the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich. The more than 50 researchers appreciate this unique opportunity for academic exchange and the development of research ideas in Asia. In this context, TUM and TUMCREATE maintain a successful long-term partnership with Nanyang Technological University (NTU).


In its first research phase from April 2010 to March 2016 the research focussed on electromobility in megacities.

Information on TUMCREATE Phase 1


In its second 5-year research phase from April 2016 to September 2021, the research focussed on defining the ultimate public transport system for Singapore through a vision of public transport involving electric autonomous vehicles from 2030 onwards.

Information on TUMCREATE Phase 2


Food Science in focus - the challenges of the 21st century in view

With the latest major program Proteins4Singapore, TUMCREATE is expanding its portfolio with a complex, forward-looking life science project. The research program focuses on alternative and sustainable protein sources and the engineering of these proteins for specific functions in foods that are both nutritious and digestible. Proteins4Singapore will enable Singapore to provide highly nutritious, palatable and functional protein-based foods. In addition to the food science anchor project, our researchers are also looking at issues concerning carbon neutrality/sustainability, medical diagnostics, mobility or energy. Also in these areas, we seek to find scientific answers to and pioneering technologies for addressing the challenges of the 21st century - for Singapore and the world.



TUMCREATE Ltd is located at 1 CREATE Way, CREATE Tower, #10-02 Singapore 138602.

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