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Anurag graduated from Technische Universität Berlin in 2021 with M. Sc. in Global Production Engineering – Renewable Energy Technologies. He holds a Bachelor's degree from JNTU-Hyderabad in Mechanical Engineering.
His Master's thesis was “Study of Optimal Storage Technologies for future PV Capacities in Nigeria”, which investigated suitable battery storage for off-grid electricity storage in Nigeria.

In Berlin, he worked for a European real estate company where he modelled rooftop PV systems and simulated hybrid energy systems for sites in Germany, the Netherlands and the UK. Prior to his Master's, he was worked for NEXTracker Inc., a US-based MNC, where he designed solar tracker components and reference designs for utility scale battery energy storage systems (BESS).


Anurag’s research interests include LCA of energy systems to conduce Net Zero Goals, modelling of hybrid energy systems with BESS, sustainable electrification in the global south.