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Dr. Ashish Nayan graduated as a Civil Engineer from Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal University, India (2008-2012); during which he pursued his Bachelor’s project at Cype Ingenieros S.A., Spain. He was then awarded a Full-Time Research Scholarship to pursue his PhD in Public Transportation at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore (2012-2016). Ashish’s PhD thesis is titled “Optimal Bus Transit System Considering Service Network Design and Route Packaging”. He is particularly interested in public transport modelling, strategic planning & operation of public transport infrastructure, public transport regulation, design and operation of autonomous transport systems, intelligent transport system development etc. In December 2016, he joined TUM CREATE in the Rapid Road Transport (RRT) Research Group.



At TUM CREATE’s RRT, Ashish is involved in designing control methodologies for an efficient operation of the Semi-Rapid Transit (SRT), a cutting edge technology based alternative mode of public transport being developed for Singapore’s mixed mode public transit system. As part of a highly technology-driven research group, he develops priority strategies for the SRT while also studying their implications on other vehicular traffic and resultant network flow quality. His recent studies include concepts on the Virtual Right of Way, a dynamic road-space allocation strategy for the SRT.