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Corvin Deboeser holds two Bachelor’s Degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration from the Technical University of Munich (TUM). He is currently pursuing an Honours Degree in Technology & Management at the Center for Digital Technology & Management (CDTM, Munich) and his Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering at TUM. Besides his experience in consulting and market research, Corvin also worked as Junior Product Manager in Celonis and contributed to several projects such as animatino, an augmented reality solution for dementia patients.



As part of the BEHAVE project, Corvin focuses on the comprehensive description and implementation of maneuvering protocols for platooning vehicles in automated highway driving scenarios. Previously, Corvin investigated the influence of driving cycle parameters on the energy consumption of the DART system and developed a machine-learning driven methodology to embed computationally expensive, physical models in the large-scale simulation system CityMoS.