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International Large-Scale Survey in VR on Spatial Preferences


The researchers from DAM conducted a large-scale survey in Virtual Reality in Germany (MCBW – International Trade Fair Munich), France (InOut Conference Rennes), and Singapore (Pint of Science, SIT Engineering day, and two community centers) with a total amount of 463 participants. The focus of the study was to collect people’s perception of surroundings and preferences of waiting rooms for public transport (e.g. metro or bus). Therefore, a Virtual Reality configurator was built that let participants select and design and experience a public transport waiting room with based on a range of parameters. Participants could choose out of five room proportions, customizable room textures, lighting conditions, and crowd sizes. Immediately after making a selection, the participant’s surrounding updated accordingly and therefore allowed an immersive experience of the selected room.



Contact person: Sebastian.Stadler@tum-create.edu.sg