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DART Vehicle Design


The DART vehicle was designed for greater comfort and a positive travel experience for all users of public transportation. The exterior design conveys a neutral and friendly appearance, with smooth and symmetric forms. Extended window glass surfaces enhance the travel experience of passengers, providing a bright ambience and open panoramic view to the outside world. The interior of the vehicle, with its warm colour scheme and spacious setting, is designed using a user-centric approach for covering the needs of diverse public transport users. Among others, DART is equipped with wide seats, spacious legroom, luggage space, comfortable leaning pads, as well as a secured area for wheelchair users or users with strollers.  A mock-up, made in scale 1:8, is a tangible representation of this design concept. The mock-up is made of resin and acrylic using 3D printing and milling technology, created in collaboration with students from Nanyang Technological University (NTU), School of Art, Design and Media.

Mock-up (scale 1:8) as a tangible representation of the DART vehicle



Goran Marinkovic
Chris Tan


Contact person: Niklas.Forchhammer@tum-create.edu.sg