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Yidan received her PhD degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in 2018. She obtained her MSc degree in Disaster Prevention & Reduction Engineering & Protective and her BSc in Civil Engineering from Southeast University in China. After she got her PhD, she held a position as Research Fellow in Transport Research Centre in NTU. From December 2018 to Aug 2023, she held a position as a Postdoctoral Scholar in Berkeley Education Alliance for Research in Singapore Limited (BEARS).


Yidan joined TUM CREATE in Sep 2023 to work in cooling Singapore project as an Energy Systems Researcher. She has more than ten years’ experience in statistical modelling with strong programming skills and more than four years’ research experience in building energy efficiency domain. Her research interests include statistical modelling, copula, random process, uncertainty quantification, multi-criteria decision making in building energy efficiency domain.