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TUMCREATE Presents Breaking Down Barriers - Singapore's Pathway to Carbon Neutrality



With the impact of #climatechange becoming increasingly palpable, the need for climate action has become more pressing than ever. 
In the monthly #CREATESeminar series by CREATE, Dr. Tobias Massier, the Lead Principal Scientist of TUMCREATE’s Pathway to Carbon Neutrality, gave a talk about Singapore’s energy transition and its path to carbon neutrality and the role technology can play in this space.
As Singapore sets a slew of initiatives in motion to reach net-zero emissions in the power sector by 2050, many questions begin to unfurl: With 95 per cent of Singapore’s electricity generating from natural gas, what does it mean to be #carbonneutral? How does it affect the supply of energy sources, and how are we achieving net zero emissions?
In this seminar, Dr. Massier shared some strategies researched in the Singapore's Pathway to Carbon Neutrality project, in which carbon emissions can be mitigated from the demand side, such as utilising cleaner-energy vehicles and making the switch to alternative systems, such as using a central cooling system. In a separate Geothermal-Driven Technologies for Passing Enabling of Urban Sustainability Solutions project, NTU and TUMCREATE have also been exploring Singapore’s #geothermal potential and how it could help to cover the cooling demand in Singapore. Other strategies discussed to reduce Singapore’s carbon footprint are #carboncapture, utilisation and storage, electricity imports, alternative fuels and, in the further distant future – #nuclearpower.
Taken together, they tell a larger narrative of our efforts towards carbon neutrality, and of a long journey in achieving net zero carbon emissions at the core of tackling climate change. We hope the seminar provided an opportunity to learn about some strategies for climate action. We believe that learning in-depth and the magnitude of the work in achieving carbon neutrality would lend more power and impact to the end work itself.
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