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TUM President Visit to TUMCREATE Saw Deepened Collaboration and Scientific Exchanges between TUMCREATE and TUM



The President of the Technical University of Munich, Prof. Thomas Hofmann visited TUMCREATE on 14 June, which saw several insightful scientific exchanges and deepened collaboration between Germany and Singapore. 

Over the years, TUMCREATE evolved from delving in the mobility research area of Singapore, to diversifying to several new fronts - with new projects set in motion dedicated to address some of the most relevant challenges that Singapore is facing. This includes scientific areas in food technology, healthcare, and clean energy. With several established publications on the mobility front, TUMCREATE too continues to find research breakthroughs alongside several prominent scientific researchers at TUMCREATE. 

The visit by Prof. Thomas Hofmann saw several opportunities for collaboration between Singapore and Germany in driving research innovations and initiating meaningful conversations between Singapore and Germany to solve global issues with focus in Singapore.The visit too enabled much interactions and exchanges with the researchers and investigators on progress and discussing direction on future projects.