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In the News: Dr. Tobias Massier Interview on Channel NewsAsia on Recent Geothermal Discovery in Singapore



A recent research project undertaken by TUMCREATE's Principal Scientist, Dr. Tobias Massier and Prof. Alessandro Romagnoli from Nanyang Technological University Singapore and Surbana Jurong Group, have uncovered significant geothermal resource that could be a consistent source of clean energy in addition to solar power. Found at a site near the Sembawang Hot spring where the temperature 1.1km underground was 60 deg C to 90 deg C, the resource uncovered opens up possibilities to harness the energy to cover the country's cooling demand.

“Every gigawatt of geothermal power could cover about 12 per cent of Singapore’s current cooling demand, which sounds quite exciting. We are currently researching on the utilisation of geothermal energy to augment Singapore’s energy mix. This is also part of TUMCREATE’s contribution towards achieving Singapore’s national climate target of net zero emissions by 2050,” Dr Massier stated.

Check out the broadcast interview on Youtube.