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German State Secretary at the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport visits TUMCREATE



On 27 May 2022, the German State Secretary at the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport Stefan Schnorr visited TUMCREATE to discuss research insights on mobility patterns and related energy demand of a Megacity like Singapore on its pathway to electrification with TUMCREATE’s lead scientists. TUMCREATE’s two primary simulation technologies, MESMO and CityMoS, were demonstrated and ideas which would be useful to testbed in Germany as well were explored.

From left: Dr Thomas Aulig, State Secretary Stefan Schnorr, Heiko Wildner, Dr David Eckhoff

Dr Tobias Massier showcased his research on the simulation of electrical grids and demonstrated TUMCREATE’s Multi Energy System Modelling and Optimisation (MESMO) tool, that combines simulation of electrical grids and optimisation techniques to mitigate the grid impact of distributed energy resources (such as photovoltaics) and new types of loads (such as EV charging).

Dr David Eckhoff provided research insights on city mobility and demonstrated TUMCREATE’s City Mobility Simulator (CityMoS), which utilises high-performance computing techniques to enable high-detail transport simulation of the entire island of Singapore, while maintaining short turnaround times and enabling the efficient exploration of wide parameter spaces.

The live coupling of the mobility simulator CityMoS and the power grid simulator MESMO provides insights into the dependencies of both systems. These advanced scenario modelling capabilities enable next-generation urban transport planning in smart cities. TUMCREATE’s simulation tools can answer a wide range of what-if questions in the urban mobility domain, such as placement of e-charging stations, while exploring and evaluating varied pathways to vehicle electrification.


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