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TUMCREATE addresses Climate Change at CREATE Symposium



The CREATE Symposium, with a theme centered on Climate Change, was held on 6 December. The symposium featured keynote speakers and a series of presentations that focused on 3 sub themes: 1) Mitigation, 2) Adapting to Climate Change and 3) Policy and Planning.


Prof Thomas Hamacher from TUMCREATE spoke at the CREATE Symposium on Mitigation.


Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, from the production of energy, remain to be one of the main challenges when it comes to tackling Climate Change. As Singapore is committed in reducing its GHG emissions, Prof Thomas Hamacher noted that a radical reduction of GHG emissions in the country would require the import of green energy. He then proceed to highlight the options and potentials in developing renewable energies and suggested how Singapore could be an import hub for green fuels in the region. He then concluded by urging for international relations to form synergies and initiate projects.  


Researchers in TUMCREATE also submitted a poster on the environmental impacts of electrification and automation of public transport buses in Singapore using Life Cycle Assessment. The poster presented the impacts in terms of Global Warming Potential and Particulate Matter Emissions and provided clear indications on the mitigation potential from the electrification of buses. Through the votes of guests at the symposium, the poster was awarded the People’s Choice Poster Award.



TUMCREATE is honoured to be a part of this meaningful symposium to address and share our knowledge on Climate Change.