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CREATE Symposium on Mobility and Transport



This year, a virtual CREATE Symposium was held on 1 December 2020.


Organized by the Future Urban Mobility (FM) IRG of the Singapore–MIT Alliance for Research and Technology Centre (SMART), TUMCREATE and Future Cities Laboratory (FCL) of the Singapore ETH-Centre (SEC), the topic of the symposium focused on Mobility and Transportation. It featured high-level presentations that showcased the achievements from three CREATE mobility programs (SMART-FM, TUMCREATE, SEC-FCL) and potential impact of the research.


TUMCREATE’s presentations centred around the topic ‘Towards the Ultimate Public Transport System’. Three representatives from the various research teams presented their research and achievements that build toward a more convenient, connected, and efficient public transport system. The speakers include Dr Andreas Rau, Principal Investigator of Rapid Road Transport, Dr David Eckhoff, Principal Investigator of Area-Interlinking Design Analysis, and Prof Thambipillai Srikanthan, NTU-Programme Director of TUMCREATE and Programme Principal Investigator of Sensing and Management for Agile Transport.

Dr Andreas Rau kicked off TUMCREATE’s presentation by introducing the DART (Dynamic Autonomous Road Transit) concept. With the proposed vision of DART, he explained how some of the relevant research and technologies can already be applied with the potential to improve our current bus system. He shared about T.NODE, the concept of Virtual Right-Of-Way and the success story of the PUTW (Precast Ultra-Thin Whitetopping) pavement system.


Dr David Eckhoff was the second speaker from TUMCREATE and he continued with an interesting talk on modelling and simulation. He highlighted the features of CityMoS (City Mobility Simulator) and demonstrated its application for the Cooling Singapore project and FLEDGE. He also revealed some very exciting collaborations that utilise the capabilities of the simulation platform, establishing CityMoS’ value for wide applications.


As the final speaker to conclude the presentation from TUMCREATE, Prof Thambipillai Srikanthan gave a very insightful look into the team’s innovation on camera sensors, using AIoT technologies, that are able to enhance law enforcements on the roads. He shared on the ongoing field trials in NTU for the camera sensors and the various positive results achieved.


A panel session with the speakers, moderated by Prof Robert Bertini, was held after the presentations from all three programs. The session quickly led into an engaging discussion with the participants on several matters on mobility and transport. 


We would like to thank everyone who has participated in the symposium.