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Research Fellow (IMVS)

Department:Individual Mobility Vehicles & Services
Posted Date:5 December 2018
Closing Date:Open until filled
Hours:Full Time
Duration:Fixed Term

Research Fellow

Effects of Autonomous Vehicles on Pavements

TUMCREATE Phase II in Singapore

Individual Mobility Vehicles and Services (IMVS)

Availability: January 2019

Contract duration: 1 year

Send applications to: aybike.ongel@tum-create.edu.sg




TUMCREATE is a research platform for the improvement of Singapore's public transportation, including the deployment of electric and autonomous mobility. Researchers from Technical University Munich and Nanyang Technological University join forces and are funded by Singapore’s National Research Foundation as part of the Campus for Research Excellence And Technological Enterprise (CREATE).

TUMCREATE is made up of over 100 scientists, researchers and engineers led by Professors from the Technical University of Munich and Nanyang Technological University. The Mission of TUMCREATE is to seek the ultimate public transport system for the people of Singapore. Our innovative road transport solutions will provide high comfort and a positive travel experience, best protection of the environment and maximum benefit to the society and the economy.

More Information about TUMCREATE can be found by viewing our web pages at http://www.tum-create.edu.sg/ 


About this position

The IMVS team in TUMCREATE develops concepts and technologies for a new electrified and autonomous vehicle for Singapore. This vehicle will be operated in a new public transportation system with adapted infrastructure and dynamic routing. The impacts of such a system, in terms of costs, energy consumption, and road infrastructure, are investigated.


Objective & Tasks

The implementation of autonomous vehicle (AV) technologies, e.g. the controlled positioning of the autonomous vehicles, four-wheel independent steering (4WIS), is expected to impact the transportation infrastructure performance. The lane choice, positioning within the lane, and platooning may increase the channelized traffic while 4WIS and other manoeuvring mechanisms may increase the stresses in pavement, which in turn may increase the pavement damage compared to those of vehicles with human-drivers.

IMVS team is looking for a Research Fellow to evaluate the impacts of autonomous minibus/buses on the pavement infrastructure. The minibuses/buses will be utilized for transit at peak hours and for freight transportation at off-peak hours. The postdoctoral researcher will be evaluating the effects of different sizes of autonomous electric minibuses/buses as well as different platoon lengths on pavement performance with respect to rutting, fatigue, and IRI. The longitudinal and lateral trajectory of the vehicles will be provided. The impacts on pavement life will be evaluated using finite element modelling and mechanistic-empirical pavement design methods. Pavement performance under autonomous and human-driven minibuses/buses will be compared.



  • PhD degree in civil/mechanical engineering or a relevant field
  • Very good knowledge of finite element analysis
  • Proven track record of publications
  • Excellent analytical skills
  • Excellent oral and written English
  • Strong communication and report writing skills



Dr Aybike Ongel: aybike.ongel@tum-create.edu.sg


How To Apply

Please send your complete application including cover letter, CV, university transcripts and degree certificates to Dr Aybike Ongel: aybike.ongel@tum-create.edu.sg