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Analytical Food Chemist (Peptidomics)

Department:Food Science
Posted Date:25 November 2021
Closing Date:Open until filled
Hours:Full Time
Duration:Fixed term



TUMCREATE is a research platform for the advancements of Singapore's food studies. Researchers from Technical University Munich (TUM) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU) join forces and are funded by Singapore’s National Research Foundation (NRF) as part of the Campus for Research Excellence and Technological Enterprise (CREATE).

In TUMCREATE, over 100 scientists, researchers and engineers work together, led by Professors from the Technical University of Munich and Nanyang Technological University. More information about TUMCREATE can be found on our web site at www.tum-create.edu.sg.


Key Job Purpose for Position

  • Identification, isolation and chemical characterization of taste-active or taste-enhancing peptides in processed fishery by-products by means of the sensomics approach.

Key Responsibilities

  • Development of sensory characterization method for peptides in processed fishery by-products and establishment of a human sensory panel.
  • Sensomics-guided isolation of tastants or taste modifiers from fishery by-product matrices.
  • Chemical characterization of selected peptides from fishery by-product matrices by means of modern peptidomic techniques.
  • Cooperative development of mitigation strategies for bitter off-taste peptides and their formation.

Competencies and Qualifications Requirements

  • Expertise in analytical food chemistry or high expertise in peptidomics (non-food).
  • Intermediate skills in human sensory testing, in panel formation, development and supervision, in evaluation of sensory data, and in combining sensory with other analytical data.
  • Intermediate understanding of other analytical methods in food analysis (e.g., physical tests, biophysical test).
  • Good team skills and communication skills and ability to work with tight deadlines and dynamic requirements.
  • Self-motivated and quick learner with passion about latest trends and technologies.
  • Positive attitude and desire to work in fast-paced environment.

Job Description

  • Peptidome analyses and other chemical analyses of various food matrices.
  • Development and application of modern analytical methods such as Ion-Exchange Chromatography (IEC), liquid chromatography with & without coupling to triple quadrupole mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS), LC-coupled high resolution mass spectrometry (e.g., LC-ToF) and others.
  • Evaluation of big data in analytical chemistry and statistical evaluation.
  • Documentation of analytical approaches according to external frameworks.
  • Management of research projects and coordination with international researchers.

Job Requirements

  • At least a Bachelor of Science Degree in Analytical Chemistry or Food Science or related disciplines with at least 5 years of experience.
  • PhD in Analytical Food Chemistry.
  • 5+ years of working experience on in fields of analytical food chemistry, including 3+ years of working experience with project management parts.
  • Strong English-speaking and writing.
  • Independent and team-guided problem-solving and communication skills.


Please send your complete application including cover letter, CV, university transcripts and degree certificates to hr@tum-create.edu.sg