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Analytical Food Chemist (Metabolomics)

Department:Food Science
Posted Date:25 November 2021
Closing Date:Open until filled
Hours:Full Time
Duration:Fixed term



TUMCREATE is a multidisciplinary research platform of the Technical University Munich (TUM) at the Singapore Campus for Research Excellence and Technological Enterprise (CREATE). We are joining forces with universities, public agencies, and industries for the advancement of future technologies. Please visit www.tum-create.edu.sg for more information about TUMCREATE.


Research Position: Analytical Food Chemist (Metabolomics) based in Singapore


The Project – “Developing High Nutritional and Sensorial Quality Proteins from Fishery and Aquaculture By-products”
TUMCREATE and NTU researchers collaborate to develop an integrative approach to efficiently fractionate and convert fish processing waste into nutritive and health-promoting food ingredients. Innovations from this project will help Singapore solve its emerging waste problem and produce health-oriented aquaculture by-products as Novel Foods.


Research Field
Lead by Professor Michael Rychlik, the research project looks at developing nutritional proteins from aquaculture by-products such as processing fish waste into palatable food ingredients. The Candidate will be focussing on the compositional, nutritional and safety characterization of fermented fishery by-products.


Your Expertise in one or more areas

  • Chemical characterization of proximates, health-promoting metabolites and micronutrients in fermented fishery by-products.
  • Safety assessment of fermented aquaculture by-products by analysis of relevant contaminants.


Your Responsibilities

  • Analyze food constituents by targeted and non-targeted metabolomics.
  • Analyze water, lipids (incl. essential fatty acids), carbohydrates, proteins (incl. essential amino acids) and minerals.
  • Apply modern analytical methods such as Ion-Exchange Chromatography (IEC), gas chromatography/liquid chromatography coupled with triple quadrupole mass spectrometry (GC-MS/MS, LC-MS/MS), elemental analysis by Inductive Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS) and similar methods.
  • Apply LC-high resolution mass spectrometry (e.g. LC-QToF).


Your Qualification & Experience

  • A PhD in Analytical Food Chemistry with 3 years of working experience on a variety of analytical food chemistry and project management OR
  • A Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Analytical Chemistry or Food Science or related disciplines with 5 years of experience.


Please send your complete application including Cover Letter and CV to hr@tum-create.edu.sg.

We are looking forward to your application!