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Pedestrian Simulation as a Design Tool


An important aspect of the envisioned transportation system developed in the context of TUMCREATE is the vehicle and platform design. For a smooth operation, minimizing the dwelling time required to allow passengers to board and alight is critical. An exploration of the vast number of possible designs when considering, e.g., the interior layout of the vehicle and the positioning of the doors is beyond what is possible using real-world experiments.
Hence, in this project a simulation-based design tool will be developed that allows experimentation with different vehicle and platform geometries and studying the effects on the dwelling time under different conditions.
The tool will enable conducting experiments without the need for in-depth knowledge of the simulation domain.

Approach and Methodology

The design tool will make use of agent-based modeling and simulation techniques. Models representing the fundamental passenger dynamics such as the Social Force Model will be combined with path planning and passenger decision-making.
Scenarios will generated from visual representations of the vehicle and platform geometry, hiding the details of the simulation scenario creation and thus allowing for fast prototyping and experimentation.
Calibration and validation of the passenger behavior models will be performed based on empirical data, e.g., from video footage of real-world boarding and alighting situations.

Outcomes and Benefit

The result of this project will be simulation tool for evaluating the effects of different vehicle and platform layouts on the dwelling time.
The tool will allow both for a visual depiction of the boarding and alighting behaviors as well as for the generation of statistics such as dwelling time and passenger flow.
Simulations based on the calibrated models will enable the selection of vehicle and platform design with low dwelling time across a wide range of situations, enabling a smooth operation of the envisioned transportation system.