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Dynamic Guidance System for Transit Hubs

From Virtual Reality to Simulation: User-Centred Design of Dynamic Guidance Systems for transit hubs

This project is a collaboration between TUMCREATE, Singapore ETH Centre (SEC) / Future Cities Laboratory (FCL) and Nanyang Technological University, funded under the National Research Foundation seed grant scheme.

The project focuses on the development of an innovative methodology for the design of human-centred public infrastructure, which will be demonstrated through the development of a Dynamic Guidance System (DGS) that leads passengers to their vehicle in high-density transport hubs, to specifically address present and future transport needs of Singapore, while prioritising human experience.

The methodology is applied to the challenging goal of improving passenger experience of public transportation at transit hubs, with a proof-of-concept that targets the integration of AV shuttles, which will be characterised by platooning and demand-based services. The primary outputs of this project are: (i) to design and develop and innovative DGS adapted to the deployment of AVs within public transportation systems; (ii) to ensure that the designed DGS are usable and visible for passengers and (iii) to evaluate the impact of the DGS on passenger flows at transit hubs.

The novelty of this methodology is the integration of several domains: from industrial design (ideation and concept development), cognitive & behavioural science (usability evaluation) and computer science (novel decision support tools and large-scale simulations).

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