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Attitudes towards Autonomous Vehicles

The question of the public’s acceptance of autonomous vehicles (AVs) is critical for the successful deployment of a nationwide AV network in the future. DAM's studies approach this question from different perspectives, looking at how the perceptions and expectations of different users shape their attitudes towards AVs.

Driverless Mobility Debate

A Driverless Mobility Debate was organised in collaboration with Missions Publiques and the Lee Kuan Yew Centre for Innovative Cities at the Singapore University of Technology and Design. The day-long event in April 2019 saw 60 Singaporeans and residents, from all walks of life, engage with informational videos and text through group discussions and individual worksheets.



The themes covered included trust and confidence in automated systems, scenarios for automated transportation and the role of various stakeholders in future mobility. Preliminary findings show a large majority are optimistic about driverless mobility and an increase in levels of interest in driverless mobility after the event.


Results are currently being analysed in detail for dissemination through publications and in a two-day workshop and conference in Brussels, Belgium in December 2019.


Contact person: penny.kong@tum-create.edu.sg