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Zain Ul Abedin holds an M.Sc. in Transportation Systems from the Technical University of Munich, Germany. He joined TUMCREATE in January 2014 as a Research Associate in the department of Transportation and Traffic Engineering. At present, he is part of the Rapid Road Transit (RRT) research group. His research interests include transport planning, especially public transport network design and modelling.


Today in many cities, public transport systems cannot fully satisfy the varying mobility demands of urban commuters due to a number of reasons such as the slow evolution of public transport network spanning several decades; a rigid network with a lack of different public transport layers and their spatio-temporal coordination; and minor local improvements in the network at the cost of overall network performance deterioration.

These problems can be addressed by planning a multimodal public transport network. Through such a planning mechanism and by reconfiguring the whole or a fraction of public transport network, issues faced by operators (low ridership, higher operating costs) and passengers (travel time and waiting time) can be reduced.

The main aim of Zain’s research is to develop a methodology for multimodal public transport network design which aids in the creation of routes belonging to different public transport hierarchies (mass rapid transit, light rail transit and bus). The proposed methodology includes four processes; 1) heuristic based terminal identification and raw route creation process 2) Hierarchical route layers and structure creation 3) Objective-specific route set optimization 4) System-wide public transport network evaluation.