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Meng Xie holds a M.Sc degree in Transportation System Program at Technische Universität München (TUM), Germany and a bachelor degree in Highway and Bridge Engineering at Southeast University (SEU), China. She joined TUMCREATE since 2017 as a Research Assistant (internship and Master thesis) and then continued as a Research Associate. During her master thesis, she focused on the performance analysis of Vehicle-to-Vehicle communication network. Her research interests include public transport prioritization, vehicular communication technology, traffic control and microscopic traffic simulation.


Meng’s research topic is the Pro-Active Transport Management. Currently, she is pursuing her doctor’s degree from TUM under the supervision of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Fritz Busch. The main aim of Meng’s research is to develop a pro-active methodology to increase the quality of public transport operation along the roadway under mixed traffic conditions, which can be aided in the existing system in terms of optimizing the passenger delay time. Her research activities are focusing on vehicular communication and traffic sensing technology, traffic states estimation and prediction, public transport priority strategies and traffic impact analysis.