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Madhur graduated (M.Sc.) with merit in Transport and Logistics majoring in Transportation from TUM in Nov 2016. During his study period, he was associated with IIT Delhi’s Transportation Research and Injury Prevention Programme (TRIPP) for one year; where he researched on:

  1. Data Management Practices of Public Bus Operators
  2. KPIs and Performance Measurement System of Public Transport
  3. Evaluation and Benchmarking of Public Bus Operators
  4. Review of City Bus Systems in India

He also has significant experience in warehousing & logistics and import & export processes through his family’s business background and internships. He is currently associated as a researcher with TUM CREATE Phase II since Feb 2017.



At TUM CREATE Phase II, he studies techniques for performance evaluation of integrated multi-modal public transport system at network level. It covers user, social, operator, environment and authority aspects of the system. In order to holistically evaluate the public transport system, he takes the System Dynamics (or Systems Thinking) approach to understand the relationships of aforementioned aspects in a complex system like public transport.