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Lewon Simonian acquired his Bachelor's degree in Business and Information Systems Engineering at the University of Augsburg. Currently he is doing his Master's degree in Information Systems at the Technical University of Munich (TUM). He joined TUMcreate in August 2017 in order to write his master thesis. His previous work experience includes two Aftersales internships at BMW and BMW India respectively and a working student position in IT Service Management at Allianz Technology. 



Lewon is part of the Area-Interlinking Design Analysis Team and his thesis is about creating a responsive and meaningful interaction with an Intelligent Transport System Simulation, which in this case would be the CityMoS simulation environment. The goal is to visualize the graphical user interface and the results in such a way, so that laypeople are able to quickly comprehend the offered functionality and meaning of the simulated data. Furthermore he will examine how these interactions can be integrated into a running simulation.