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German NRW Delegation meet-up with CREATE and TUMCREATE



CREATE, the host and TUMCREATE, organized a visit by North Rhine Westphalia (NRW), Germany delegation today, 2 September.

North Rhine Westphalia in Germany, is the country's most important industrial area, running through the centre of the state and is the principal mining and energy-producing area of Germany.

The delegation consists of C-Suite executives from German universities and corporate industries, namely FH Munster University of Applied Sciences, IHK Nord Westfalen, BIO Clustermanagement NRW Gmbh, STF Gruppe Gmbh, Germany Trade & Invest and WILO Manufacturing company. This is an initiative by the Singaporean-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

The delegation had an interest in Singapore’s Innovation Ecosystem including new technologies related to digitalization, sustainability, urban solutions, biotech and applied sciences. They also want to know how CREATE works with like-minded partners and potential areas for bilateral collaboration and partnerships. 

Dr. Thomas Aulig, Corporate Director of TUMCREATE gave an introduction to the research work of TUMCREATE, which was followed by an overview of two major projects in the field of Computer Simulation and MedTech.

The first project, CellFACE, presented by Mr. Kerem Delikoyun and Ms. Qianyu Chen aims to develop a workflow solution for blood cell analysis to improve acute care diagnostics.

The second project, presented by Dr. David Eckhoff, Principal Scientist of CityMoS turned Startup “IntoByte” founded in 2021, undertakes commercial activities in the context of computational modelling, with a focus on using the simulation software CityMoS.

Both research projects are developed in TUMCREATE.