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Exciting Activities At TUMCREATE Caught TUM President’s Interest!



The TUM President, Prof. Thomas Hofmann came for a visit on 14 June 2022 to learn more about the many exciting activities blooming at TUMCREATE. 

TUMCREATE started the new phase III R&D 2022 on an ascending tone with new projects funded by the National Research Foundation (NRF) covering genres of Food Tech, Med Tech, Transportation and Energy Systems. The aim is to help Singapore move towards urban sustainability in the future. 

Discussions on  TUM’s research platform in Singapore with TUM President, Prof Thomas Hofmann, TUMCREATE CEO, Prof. Ulf Schlichtmann and TUMCREATE Corporate Director, Dr Thomas Aulig were aligned in driving research innovations and initiating meaningful conversations between Singapore and Germany to solve global issues with focus in Singapore.

During the visit, multiple interactions followed with Prof. Hofmann meeting and connecting with researchers on progress and discussing direction on future projects. TUM ASIA, MD Dr Markus Waechter was also invited to join this key event.

TUMCREATE will continue to set up exciting collaborations with our valued partners to make the world a better place.