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TUMCREATE Symposium 2018



On 30 November 2018, TUMCREATE hosted its very first “Mobility in Future Smart Cities” Symposium to bring together international research leaders, local academics and industry to discuss the future of public transport, security and privacy in intelligent transport systems, AV technologies and traffic safety, integration of electric road transport as well as performance evaluation for future transport systems.


The symposium highlighted four main areas, AVs / EVs Infrastructure and Requirements, Public Transport, Security and Privacy in ITS and Evaluation Performance of Future Transport System, and each area featured a keynote speaker specially invited to share on their expertise.  


The four main topics by our keynote speakers were:

  • Challenges of Autonomous Driving Technology Towards Zero-Traffic Accidents by Prof. Pongsathorn Raksincharoensak, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
  • Challenges and Prospects for Future Public Transport by Prof. Avishai Cedar, University of Auckland
  • The Internet of Me: Privacy in the Era of Smart Citizen by Prof. Lars Kulik, University of Melbourne
  • Economic Challenges of Future Transport by Prof. Jonathan Tan and Prof. Yohanes Eko Riyanto, Nanyang Technological University


Speakers from TUMCREATE and various entities also joined the talk during each area and gave a presentation of their own to the audience. On the matter of future transport, Mr Looi Teik Soon, Dean, LTA Academy Executive Director, Singapore Rail Academy, highlighted on Facilitating Mobility Solutions in Singapore.


The symposium ended with a session of panel discussion on the Challenges of Future Cities with Prof. Pongsathorn Raksincharoensak, Prof. Lars Kulik and Prof. Jonathan Tan. Questions were opened to the audience and interesting thoughts and engagements were shared.


Overall, the symposium was a success with valuable exchanges made between the speakers and audience. It brought together different perspectives and further established the pivotal role of research and technology in the future of mobility. We would like to thank all keynote speakers for their insightful talks and everyone who has attended the event.