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TUMCREATE participates in STP3 Workshop

10.06.2019 - 21.06.2019


TUMCREATE took part in the STP3 Workshop, with the theme “The Future of Urban Society”, organized by Singapore-ETH Centre. STP3 Workshop brings together a group of graduate students from different disciplines and universities to tackle contemporary societal and environmental challenges through educational framework aimed to foster self-critical thinking and an ethical posture vis-àvis society at large – via dialogue and playful interaction.  


TUMCREATE was part of the event organizing committee and mentor to one of the groups. Our researchers, Madhur Jain, Marc Gallet, Ganesh Sethuraman and Penny Kong, from our various interdisciplinary research teams, also gave a lecture on the Future Mobility System in Smart Cities as part of the STP3 Workshop programme.



Topics like the use of system thinking approach and human-centred methods for the evaluation of future mobility were shared to explain the studies our researchers conduct around the work on public transport system in Singapore. These methods help them understand and find the right balance in coming up with solutions and design for future mobility.


Citymos, our state-of-the-art city-scale modelling and simulation application, as well as our AEV tool, that can efficiently develop concepts for electric vehicles, were also demonstrated. After the lecture, students were encouraged to participate in our hands-on session where they got to try out our AEV tool and Virtual Reality experiment, while providing the chance to have more in-depth discussions with our researchers.



A final presentation was conducted at the end of the two weeks workshop, with each group showcasing their idea and prototype to the reviewers and guests. Despite having a short timeframe to work with, the students gave an impressive presentation, offering innovative technological solutions to attain different UN goals.



Our mentored group, with students from ETH, NTU, NUS, SUTD and TUM, gave an interesting presentation on the implementation of CO2 budgeting in Singapore. They provided an ambitious and bold proposal that can curb the CO2 emission of every individual in Singapore, hence reducing the CO2 output of the country. This prompted stimulating discussions on its application and effects on policies and social setting. The potential of their bold solution to limiting CO2 emission in Singapore also earned them the title of ‘The Ultimate Proposal’.