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TUMCREATE Flash Talks Seminar - Climate Change



TUMCREATE organized our very first Flash Talks seminar, with 3 speakers from different CREATE entities coming together to share more on their work that address Climate Change. The seminar featured speakers from TUMCREATE, CARES and ETH-FCL.


Our first speaker, Srikkanth Ramachandran from TUMCREATE, started the seminar by addressing the importance of understanding our carbon footprints and how individuals can mitigate their own CO2 emissions. He then introduced a simple method of how individuals can categorize their own activities and consumption so that they can identify the most effective and impactful mitigation strategy at a personal level.


Jacob Matin from CARES was the second speaker of the seminar. His talk focused on one of the main culprits of climate change – combustion. Understanding the way soot is formed and the nanostructure of disordered 3D graphenes is the key here. By doing so, Jacob explained that he was able to find out how to reduce the emission of soot from engines and improve carbon capture and storage.  


As the third and last speaker of the seminar, Gabriel Happle from ETH-FCL spoke on the potential to reduce carbon emissions with building-integrated photovoltaics. Using life cycle analysis, urban building energy simulations and urban form generation to compare the operational carbon emissions of buildings with building-integrated photovoltaics, Gabriel showed that operational carbon emissions can be significantly reduced.


The talks then sparked an engaging Q&A session that prompted varying opinions. Some in the audience questioned the difference a person can make to mitigate climate change while others differ stating that change must start with every individual in order to shift the perspectives of businesses and policymakers. The efforts and approaches that need to be taken were also discussed. 


TUMCREATE Flash Talks seminar aims to bring researchers in CREATE together to discuss about various topics in a casual and interactive setting. We would like to thank our speakers and everyone who had attended the seminar!