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Driverless Mobility Debate



Partnering with the Lee Kuan Yew Centre for Innovative Cities in SUTD and Missions Publiques, TUMCREATE had organized a Driverless Mobility Debate to better understand Singaporeans’ expectations and perceptions of autonomous mobility.



An involvement of 60 participants, from all walks of life, was seen at the event. One participant – a student – reflected on the diversity of views and shared that “it was pleasantly surprising to experience how such conversations between people of different backgrounds can occur”. The student then went on to stress the importance of this initiative and mentioned that “such public facilitation of discourse is critical as our society gets more connected and politically involved in national issues, and issues become more complex and interdisciplinary”.   


Preliminary findings from the event indicate a high level of trust and reliance on the government to lead the transition and regulation of autonomous vehicles in Singapore. The top emerging concerns center around safety and cost efficiency. Overall, majority of the participants are optimistic about driverless mobility in Singapore and expect benefits such as reduced traffic congestion and more meaningful use of their travel time.


As the Debate will also be held in over 20 cities around Europe, the US and Canada, the data will be analysed and compared across countries and cities. Results will be presented at high level mobility events at national and global scales from September to December 2019.