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CARTS Networking Event



TUMCREATE attended the CARTS (Committee on Autonomous Road Transport for Singapore) Networking event on 31 January, hosted by the Chairman of CARTS and Permanent Secretary for Transport, Mr Loh Ngai Seng. The event provided an opportunity for industry and public sector leaders to have an afternoon of useful interactions and exchanges.


At the event, TUMCREATE set up a booth and introduced more on its researches. It was also at the event that the announcement for the launch of Technical Reference (TR 68) was made.




TUMCREATE is proud to be a part of the creation of TR 68 which promotes the safe deployment of fully autonomous vehicles (AVs) in Singapore. 


As part of Singapore’s effort towards the implementation of AVs, a set of standards to guide the industry in the development and deployment, known as TR 68, has been published. TR 68 was developed after a year of discussions between representatives from the four working groups namely the AV industry, research institutions, institutes of higher learning and government agencies. TUMCREATE (Dr Graham Leedham and Dr Henriette Cornet) was involved in one of the key areas – “Part 1: Basic Behavioural Guidelines”, providing its expertise in human-centered design and the necessity to have effective communication between AVs, pedestrians and other road users in order to ensure safety.


TR 68 will continue to undergo refinement as AV technology matures, and TUMCREATE looks forward to further opportunities of working together.