A Research Platform for Singapore


Section 1: Goals and Purpose

The collaboration between TUMCREATE, Continental AG and A*STAR’s I2R involves research, study and test-bedding of a whole range of communication, information and autonomous innovations & technologies that aim to improve the safety, efficiency and performance of transport system in Singapore.

Title: Park&Go @SG App

As part of the ITS Lab initiative, the Park&Go@SG app was launched. The app allows users to not only locate carparks with available parking, but also predict how many spaces will be available when the driver reaches there. The app differentiates itself from similar ones, such as Singapore Parking, by using data analytics to determine how many spaces will be free upon arrival at a particular carpark. The app, developed over the course of the year through the ITS lab, uses real-time information updated every two seconds from the Housing Board (HDB) and the Land Transport Authority (LTA) of Singapore. It helps motorists to identify available spaces in 26 major government and commercial buildings, such as the VivoCity and ION Orchard malls, as well as 427 HDB carparks. It also identifies which car parks have washing bays and parking spaces for the disabled, and is expected to offer a lot more information related to car parks in the future.

TUMCREATE provided it's expertise in data analytics that powers the prediction system of the app. The prediction system can give short-term predictions of number of available spaces in a car park  based on historical usage patterns of the car park, the current usage and the current time of day. Work is done towards improving the prediction accuracy and performance.

External Link: http://www.continental-parkandgo.com