Dr. Bernhard LECHNER
Collaborating Scientist, RP 10
Lecturer and Senior Lecturer at the Chair and Institute of Road, Railway and Airfield Construction, Technische Universität München (TUM)
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Academic Career and Research Areas
Dr.-Ing. Bernhard Lechner is supervising road infrastructure research in Research Project 10 – Transportation and Traffic Engineering. His focus in TUM CREATE is the capability and feasibility of implementation of wireless charging techniques in pavement structures as well as the entire road infrastructure management system. Dynamic wireless charging is quite attractive for infrastructure users by offering range extension. It´s investigated as a potential technique to support the success of electric vehicles equipped with batteries. High investment on the road infrastructure side requires an innovative “electrified” road. 
After receiving a degree in civil engineering from Munich University in 1990, Bernhard Lechner joined the construction industry e.g. as a site manager at MUC airport (opened 1992).  He returned to TUM as a scientific assistant for doctoral thesis on thermal impacts on concrete pavement performance. After obtaining doctoral degree in 1996 Bernhard Lechner moved to track and pavement lab of same institute to undertake research projects on transportation infrastructure. His research activities are covering all kinds of transport infrastructures by road, rail and air. Special emphasis is on vehicle – infrastructure interaction and simulation, pavement and track design as well as performance analysis, environmental impacts, high speed rail transport and urban rail infrastructure.